Now that the stock market is booming, people with pacemakers and some money to invest may wonder about investment opportunities with pacemakers. There are five companies that make pacemakers and defibrillators in the world: Medtronic, St. Jude Medical, Boston Scientific, BIOTRONIK, and Sorin/ELA.

Sorin/ELA is a European company, so let’s leave that off the list.

BIOTRONIK is privately held; it is one of the largest privately held companies on earth. So no investing there.

That leaves us with the big three. None of these American-based companies solely makes pacemakers. Medtronic is by far the largest company and works on everything from catheters to deep brain stimulation to diabetes pumps as well as pacemakers. The stock is generally well rated by those who track investments.

St. Jude Medical is also a big company and makes heart valves, neurostimulation devices, and catheters as well as pacemakers. St. Jude Medical had a fantastic upsurge around 1999 to the mid-2000s and has generally been plateauing of late. Investment analysts tend to be mixed on this one, possibly because it had a strong past.

Boston Scientific is also a big company that makes multiple products. Its stock price is lower than the other two, for reasons that are quite unclear to me.

This blog is not for investment advice; talk to your stock broker or get reliable information prior to making your investment decisions. But, yes, you may be able to buy stock in the companies that made your pacemaker

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